What people say about working with me:

David Jubb, Artistic Director, Battersea Arts Centre: “It has been absolutely brilliant working with Naomi. She is a natural risk-taker but is incredibly good at taking everyone on a journey together and ensuring that everyone gets the most out of any collaboration. The quality of her engagement work is excellent and I am looking forward to continuing to work with her in the future on The Create Course and other projects.”

Orla Flanagan, Theatre Producer, Brighton Dome & Brighton Festival: “Naomi Alexander approached myself and Tanya Peters (Head of Artistic Planning, BDBF) about establishing the Brighton People’s Theatre and we feel she is the perfectly placed individual to lead and steer this project to success – she brings extensive experience of making work in a community and participatory setting and possesses a finely tuned and sophisticated understanding of the social impact of the arts on the individual and society, and is also an exceptional critical thinker and arts practitioner with her own very clear sense of creativity and quality. As well as this, she has a significant and rare track record of working in a community development setting, and is deeply embedded in Brighton’s social partners network. We have every confidence that if anyone can make this work, Naomi can.”

Aaron P Barbour, Director, Katherine Low Settlement: “Naomi is fantastic. I’ve worked with her for more than 10 years and can’t wait for the next 10 years! She’s hard working, creative, incredibly thoughtful – thinking things through from a number of perspectives and ever mindful of the audiences and stakeholders she’s working with. Above all else she’s makes good stuff happen, with a smile on her face and a sense of fun! I highly recommend her to you.”

Caroline Orsola, Albion in the Community: “Naomi’s workshop was a very positive experience for our group. She quickly established a creative and safe environment and offered us a range of engaging exercises to build some skills and techniques before facilitating the creation of our short scenes. As a result of Naomi’s encouraging and empathic facilitation the volunteers were confident to produce 3 expressive and powerful pieces of drama about the stigma surrounding mental health. The workshop surpassed all our expectations in terms of what we were able to produce even in very limited time and the positive effect of this in people’s self-confidence and empowerment has been very noticeable.”


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